The Mistake

Wrongly accused by your everyday friends.

Gave up on life until you wavered at the edge.

Beheld the beauty of what was to come.

Neglected the body but not the mind.

I started shaking from the haunt of your cry.

The breath of your soul left my body so numb.

Things became cloudy as my voice did whisper,

“Thought you were gone but it was a mistake”.

You let go of a simple thing. You gave up now don’t explain.

I recovered all I lost. Through the source of infinite light.

Dismissed as callous and you couldn’t care less.

A rugged mountain massed out of apathy.

Consulted the wisdom drawn in the sand.

Reborn out of fire but still unaware.

The floorboards creaked the syllables of your name.

A voice pattered slow curled around my arm.

Black eyes could not believe as I turned to stone.

“Thought you were gone but it was a mistake”.

(Repeat Chorus)

I had learned from what was before.

That infinite light it was my calling.

There was no beginning and no end.

I opened my mind to the possible.

What was beyond and already seen

and what I was yet to feel for life.

Not just earth, water, wind, and fire.

The infinite outward of every thing.

This is one of the rare times I put the pencil down only to add lyrics at a later date. The first two verses and chorus were completed on 11/22/14. I was belting out the song and the third verse was completed on 3/13/15. The third verse is more like a hook. It is quite catchy. This was inspired by The Dream by A very, fast paced EBM song. That is why it is wordy.

Let me know what you think

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