Go Faster

she’s the thrill of a lifetime.

foot on the gas

and the image of a beauty queen.

engine purring, crowd a yellin’

all the way to the finish line.

sleek chassis built to race.

speed in her veins

and the power of a drafting horse.

turn down your pass

while swapping some paint.

boys, are you ready to spiff her up?

go faster.

top end floored.

go faster.

go faster.

hang on tight.

go faster.

she throws caution to the wind.

no lucky dog today.

clean and well-balanced under the hood.

slide to the right, it’s road kill for sure.

scraped up along with all the marbles.

from the grandstands you’re hooked on

her darkened malice.

fair play the furthest thing on her mind.

enemies made around the oval

but at night she goes over big.

(Repeat Chorus)

through a high bank corner

g-force of five

a three-way roller coaster ride of nerves

shoot the gap

checkered flag in sight

standing ovation for every mile.

(Repeat Chorus)

years ago she sat so precious

never made a sound.

now she takes the world by storm.

won’t stop short of victory.

Inspirational mash of KMFDM, Metallica, and some throw back lyrics from the Beach Boys. This is from my Dead Rabbits collection written in 2011. It is the classic comparison of cars and women. Of course, the fade out conclusion highlights the ability to achieve by anyone. I actually wrote it because I felt the NASCAR Series needed a theme song!  Photo is not mine.

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