The Fire and the Rock

The fire engulfed the rock.
Hotter and hotter.
But, could not destroy it.
Intent was none thereof.

The rock, exhausted
After the fire subdued.
Hard as nails
Yet, holding ground.

A cool breeze would help.
Some cloud cover.
Or, a few drops.
The rock made no requests.
No covets to the fire.

Both acknowledged
Strength and endurance
Of the rock.

The dance could go on forever.
The rock, absorbing.
The fire, delivering warmth.

The fire needed the rock
To profess and relinquish.
Only the rock
Could bare the burden.

The rock watched the fire
For an eternity.
The fire, sometimes burning
Brightly and intense.

At last, the pace slowed.
The fire, vulnerable
As a soft glow.
Anticipated an end.
But, still embracing.

The rock, always attentive
Returned heat to the fire.
Fire accepted
This endless love.

The fire rebounded
Intense with passion
Favoring the rock.

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