No End In Sight


Chibi STwain



Ok, I clearly have a thing for Canadian female artists. I am not just talking about their looks. I actually appreciate all their forms of music.

It is that time of year again when I start cranking out the lyrics. I realized I had not done anything inspirational from the band The Birthday Massacre.

They are lead by Chibi (first photo) and have a great Gothic Rock sound. If you like 80’s Metal, you will probably like TBM for their hard synth guitars.

Below, are my lyrics to the melody of TBM’s Oceania. The original is more about adventure. I made it more about love. I kept the hook (there will be no end in sight) right where it’s at, as a tribute. It also works fantastic so why change it? Enjoy!


You started talking
All the words went round and round like a fling
I heard you laugh
Like streaking arrows chasing playful ambition
I saw you smiling
In a dream that would end all bad dreams
Our minds so close together
And our bodies ache so far apart

Early morning
On, all the lights
Lying in bed
For a kiss good night
Beyond any doubt
There will be no end in sight

We place our trust in the open
Where dread interferes
Our eyes fix onto each other
Nothing’s more clear

I saw in pictures
Of you holding your heart in my hands
I wrote a letter
Deep in rapture like an opening flame
I love to tell you
My weakness and devotion is gentle
So let your treasure
Out now that you’re safe in my embrace

(Repeat Build Up and Chorus)

Love, it’s something I’ve never known
From you, it’s all you have shown
This seed has been sown
And it’s starting to run

(Repeat Build Up and Chorus)




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