New Food Adventures

Lately, I have been on a kick to try foods I have never eaten.  I think I am going to make a better effort to have some variety in my diet.  This inspiration also comes from all of you, especially, Diana of Toast and Tea Together.  She keeps us well supplied with foodie pictures. Of course, I have been known to torture her with some photos, too! This adventure began on December 2nd with sampling Pho Ga. During my four-day business trip, I tried items two and three. By Thursday, December 10th, I was so exhausted from travelling that I hardly ate anything. The next day I went to eat out for lunch because I now had a big appetite. That is where I tried Pad Thai.


Pho Ga. I went to the closest Vietnamese restaurant and sampled this soup. It was fantastic! It had a nice, sweet onion flavor. I think that is the best way to describe it. The chicken was a little dry but at least there was a lot of it. Oops! Was I supposed to put those sprouts in and squeeze some lime into the bowl? Oh well. I was too fascinated with twirling the long rice noodles. Yeah, I am easily entertained. 🙂 A big thanks to Diana for this recommendation!



SweetwaterBBQTipsSweetWater BBQ Sirloin Tips.  Every year, I have to take a business trip to Atlanta, Georgia. The buffet style food we get served is really not that great. However, there seems to be a new food to try or two. This year, the caterers hit it big with the SweetWater marinade.  The SweetWater Brewing Company is local to the area. I do not know which ale they used in the marinade. The rest of the meal included wild rice and a vegetable medley. I have no idea what leafy greens made up the salad. I suspect it was spinach.


Edamame. They are basically boiled and salted soy beans. Sure, I have had soy products before but not in this simplistic fashion. They were delicious! Just be careful not too eat too many! I enjoy all legumes and vegetables served hot. Once they cool down, they are not nearly as appetizing.



Pad Thai. I absolutely love Thai food! 🙂  I miss going to a Thai restaurant since one of my friends really cannot afford it.  It has been a long time since I had a Thai dish and I don’t believe I sampled this one. I almost always get a dish based upon rice so I went for noodles this time. I have to confess that I did not go to a traditional restaurant. I went to the new Noodles & Company in town.


The food was just good but not great.The flavor was HonestTeavery good but the noodles were a bit sticky. The dish could have used another vegetable.  I also had a side of cucumber and tomato salad. I tried the Honest Tea. That was some really good tea! I had never been to the chain restaurant before and one of the workers was very helpful with the selections. Notice in the picture that a piece of egg escaped my wrath!


So I hope this post gets everyone up and out to try some new things. Please share your sampling and toss me a back link or two!



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