Pork&Bean Chili

Now that the cold weather has finally settled in, it is time to get back into the swing of making soups and chili.

Today, I made some great chili. Instead of using beef, I purchased cubed, shoulder pork. I also selected a cheddar biscuit mix. Sometimes, I just buy the ready made kind but I was IMG_0628not that lazy tonight!  I did go with a chili mix instead of making the whole thing from scratch. However, there were fresh bay leaves, cilantro, garlic, and onion added.  There were a few times I tried soaking dry beans but now matter how long I soak them (even two days) some beans are still hard. So I gave up on dry beans. There must be a secret to that!

The soup was tasty. The cheddar biscuits were awesome. As usual, I always cook for more than one night’s worth of dinner. So no cooking on a Friday night. Yes!

The finished products….

What did you create tonight?







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