To Believe

I did not expect you to exist.
Hidden away all these years.
No broken laws.
Or,  displaced words.
No lost letters discovered.
Or, echoing voices in a well.

So quiet.

Just fragments of images.
Lost memories, mistaken.
I did feel an aura.
It could have been wishful thinking.
Or, hope. Or, both.
Yes, both.

Now, I see everything that brings us together.
Your eyes widen like a window taking in a cool breeze
from a land beyond.
Feeling your heartbeat
like a hummingbird thirsting for nectar.

I read this was the path of fools.
To believe.
So easily.
To indulge.
I realize it is acceptable to be a fool.
Because I believe.
In you.
And you
are a miracle.


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