Burrito Mas!

One would have thought this was Cinco de Mayo weekend with all the Mexican style food being cooked at my place!  I dug my favorite burrito recipe out of the top drawer on Saturday.  Burrito2016

Simply chicken, rice, and refried beans inside. This takes a lot of preparation time but the results are so worth it. First, fry the chicken. Then, saute the rice. Shred the chicken by hand and toss it back into the pan with rice. Add chicken broth and let it simmer! I used packaged salsa. However, it is always too salty and can take away from the original flavors.


BurritoA2016So, today I went without the salsa and just added fresh tomatoes and chives. Of course, I whipped up my famous batch of chicken nachos for today. There is plenty left over for the next day or so. Care to join me?

This is me marveling over my wonderful creation!

I look pretty happy there. You should have seen me when I ate them! 🙂




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