Lettuce From a Pot

Something new this year! I thought I would give some organic gardening a try. I already have blueberry bushes and have had good success with them over the years.   I have limited space and the neighborhood has a real squirrel problem.  IMG_1096So, I planted some City Garden lettuce in a clay pot.  The temperatures have been above average and the lettuce has already taken off.  I leave the pot by the back door steps so I don’t forget to water.


Today, I went shopping and I picked up a tomato, cucumber, and a red onion. I picked some of my home grown lettuce and added some extra virgin olive oil and red vinegar. Yeah, extra vinegar! 🙂IMG_1098

The result to the right is a simple, yet deliciously fresh salad! I did not even refrigerate anything. I left it out after shopping until I was ready to craft this tasty masterpiece!


The main course was Baked Ziti. This dish has always been a favorite of mine since I was a kid. However, I do not dare replicate the recipe from my mom. That would be sacrilegious!


I spent this day cooking and thinking about my long distance friend who is not in good health. She is like my LDD (long distance daughter), if there is such an acronym.  She knows who she is and I hope the best for her! 🙂




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