The Path


I wavered through an overgrown footpath
That asked me more than I had to give.
Brushing my hands across meadow foxtail
I kicked up a blank slate that promised me change.
The other side was absent of clear surface.
Harmless enough, I was down and out.
Superconductive fiber took me in.
Caught somewhere between here and thereabout.

I walked the path of my own desire
Along the edge of false fascination.
Feeling the heat of a raging wildfire
Rising from the valley of mortal contempt.

The flora in the landscape was all off-color.
The fauna stalked around like deviants.
Air filled with the spell of burning wintergreen.
Before my eyes stood your radiance.
You conjured a forever perfect dawn
Bathed in jasmine and blossoms of orange.
Committing me to longing once lost to jade.
Cast away from Legzira to Ha Long.


C. Gandy 06-13-16

Inspired by a word prompt for curiosity.  Also, in an abstract way
I was inspired the the Hulu series, The Path.  

As I was writing, I noticed I was generating a consistent meter, so I went with it.
Image taken from the internet.







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