I won’t stand another minute
I sense the dawning fray
I will disallow
The full erase
Of all that ever was

You paint the sky black and blue
Shield me from the facts
The somber rain
Corrodes my flesh
Faith knows I’m under attack

There’s a future with lights on the ocean
And intricate threads in the air
Singing the legend
No matter how composed your devotion
Certitude will lift you there
Overflowing with ease

You decorate fearless morals
And cover them with cloth
You cannot hide
What you don’t deliver
While wearing that false face

Impending clouds of dark thunder
Strike me where it hurts
The mouth of Hades
Can spew its anguish
The Kingdom has my back.


C. Gandy 06-17-16

Photo from the internet.

I can’t explain where this poem came from because I don’t align myself with any particular faith. So, I don’t know if this will send me to the top of the Christian Rock charts!





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