Ice Breaker

At first sight
Within, my smile stayed.
Just peeking out
To capture you.
Expecting a passer-by.
A ghost exchanging pleasantries.
Words from your distant lips
Barely reached.
Eight hundred fifty feet high.
The crisp, morning gusts
Pushed you swiftly.
There was predetermination ahead.
Both of us unaware
Trading leads along the way.
At every crossing
Our eyes caught
Returning reserve.
Without fail
We converged.
A sure hand extended
To identify.
Though, falling short
Of playful expression.
You danced around
The perimeters of essence.
At journey’s end
I recognized hesitation.
The longing of wish.
Uncounted, I had known that moment.
I set forth
Looking forward to your breakout.
That hand was not for me.



C. Gandy 7-4-16

Photo from the internet.




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