Silence of Arms


The people of the world.
Yet, each day
Every man, woman, and child
Struggles mentally.
To be seen.
To be known.
Some with tears.
Others with weapons.
They look to follow
Or, to lead.
Peace does not need
Or, followers.
Peace is not to be used.
It must be absorbed.
As part of a whole.
It takes a smile.
A handshake.
Absence of greed.
A kiss.
We should reflect upon ourselves
Each day.
When we free ourselves
From imposing hate.
Will prevail.
Coats and patrols.
Capitols and their quells.
We are all here together.
If we are truly alone in the universe
Should it not be the happiest place?


C. Gandy 07-17-16

Photo of the failed Turkish coup taken from the internet.

Thanks to InfiniteZip for helping to bring this to the forefront on WP.

This poem now appears on the forgottenmeadows website along with many other wonderful poems.  If you would like to contribute a peace poem, please visit forgottenmeadows.


One comment

  • A most beautiful contribution my friend, thank YOU for joining the compilation of Peace. Words of hope and love must rise and overcome the terror, the war, the needless losses. Peace and love to you my friend and a hearty thank you and hug too 🙂 Kim (Infinite Zip)

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