Recognize (What’s Inside)

My emotion like the morning frost
Burning innocent ground below.
I came to know the meager cost
To amend and let it go.

I danced around the fringe of life
Waiting for its benevolence.
I saw so much joy in strife
And gifts had no resonance.

Don’t you live your life with cold regrets
And steer from the zest of love
Just to grab as much as you could get
To not ever make use of

Found my bearing at the rocky heights
Where tired convictions reconcile.
Tears shed my grays into light.
Made the hurting all worthwhile.

I will bear all my errant beliefs.
Let them come to rest on their own.
I can’t expect to be given relief
As my false blood lets onto stone.

(Repeat Chorus)

Recognize what’s inside.

C. Gandy 09-17-16

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