The Pardon


Some say
I am more rain than right.
Some day
There will be no more of this disguise.
It was not a vision.
I came down the mountain.
Simple, clean, and knowing no one at my side.
This is my condition.
With a primal heart in thumping
Houses of the holy handing out reward.

He saved my life.
Granted me a stay.
Though I know
I am more battered
Than one dare mention.

Some say
I have gone adrift without a fight.
One day
I will teach them the skill of compromise.
This is my decision.
No angel on my shoulder.
Standing for the right to choose this life.
Alive with the conviction.
Certain, firm, and steady.
I am of the mountain. I can help to build.

Saved my life.
I shine along
For a small moment.
Though I know
I am more damaged
At the hand of mercy.


C. Gandy 10-23-16

Image is a David Roberts lithograph.

Read this once. Then, go back and read it with passion. And so on…


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