The Guard – Thief of Souls

The inmate stared down at the pool of blood.  The building shook as if a low-flying airplane passed overhead.  Little white flakes of paint fell into the pool making it appear as some sort of melted strawberry shortcake ice cream.  The inmate pronounced he was El Castigador to the dead cellmate as he retrieved his shank from the victim’s neck.  The wall on the far side of the cell began shaking.  The inmate walked over and traced his fingers over the crude letters etched into the block.  “El vacio,” he whispered.  The concrete blocks were moving in and out until a hole in the wall formed.  As the dust settled, the inmate thought he saw a shadow through the opening.  He turned to run but a steel grappling hook pierced him just below the collarbone and pulled him through the wall.  The shadow announced he was Ladron de Almas.





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