The Guard – Black Cat

Knox had been imprisoned for eleven years.  He sat up in his cot staring through the cell bars.  He became focused on the door lock, imagining he could shrink himself down so small as to stroll right out.  There would be no need to break the lock.  His focus sharpened and he noticed a rivet was slightly protruding from the plate around the lock.  Knox walked up to the door.  As he grabbed the rivet, a black cat bolted through the hall and cried.  The startle caused him to cut his finger on the rivet and blood dripped rapidly to the floor.  He returned to bed.  He thought, if the cat was real, then, there was a way out.  Knox drifted off to sleep.  When he awoke, there was no blood on the floor.  However, within the space between the door and the floor, rest a pair of lineman’s pliers.

C. Gandy


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