The Guard – À Votre Santé

Archer tumbled down the steep sandstone tunnel.  Before he came to a complete stop, the creature grabbed him by the forearms and dragged him backward into an open space littered with old, wooden crates.  The crates were topped with candles in sets of three.  Always in threes, Archer thought to himself.  Iron wall torches burned quiet and seemingly smokeless.  As Archer took in the gothic ambiance, the creature poured a drink into a wine glass.

“Come sit,” said the creature. “I am Fofi.”

Archer grabbed for the glass but Fofi stopped him by saying, “Ah, first there are terms.”

“Terms?” Archer slouched back into the chair.

“Yes,” Fofi continues. “Don’t you have enemies up above?  Prisoners that got the better of you.  Convicts you would like to settle a score with, no?”

Archer’s mind spun as Fofi’s voice reminded him of how they spoke on the planet Dagobah.

“Yes, there are many prisoners I think would be better off removed from the penal system.”

“Ah, then drink up,” mumbled Fofi. “Lest I remind you, Archer. There’s no going back,” Fofi chuckles wickedly. “Either way.”

Without hesitation Archer raises the wine glass and asserts, “À votre santé!”




Confused? Read the Trapdoor episode previously posted.



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