I created the Black Tea Militia in 2010.  It was a way to assign an identity to my writings.  The name is a play on all the media chatter during that year.  There was plenty of talk surrounding the rise of militias and patriot groups all around the world.  At the time, my writings were dark and filled with angst.  I wanted a name to reflect the writings.  The abbreviation, BTM, was catchy, so it stuck.  In no way does the name reflect my political views. I do not support any grassroots militias.

Almost all my writings are born out of inspiration.  Rarely do I sit down and write poems or lyrics with a topic in mind.  Intentional writing leans toward being contrived and is not as emotional.  Listening to a beat or melody spurs my mind to create.  Songs are often balanced. If I start a composition with a dark of negative theme, I will often end it with a positive twist.

The Early Projects

In 2010, most of my writings were dominated by song poems and turbulent ideas.  Book and movie influences from Lord of the Rings and the Twilight Saga trickled their way into the compositions.  The project was dubbed The Coming Storm.  By the end of 2010, my inspirations flipped 180 degrees. I wrote a series of short poems surrounding the element of surprise.  I still infused a little darkness in order to hold onto my roots. That project was named Something Special, Something Good.


In 2015, I moved away from song poems and tried my hand at short stories.  I began using creative prompts to explore the ambition of writing. That adventure led me here.  At first, I just wanted to publicly share my writings.  After a few months, I decided to take things more seriously. I still have just begun to explore and expand my creativity in the blogging community.

It was not until the end of 2015 that I started writing lyrics and poems again.  The 2016 project will carry a few poems written in 2015 but with the artwork it commands.  The 2016 project is named Make-Believe.  The project was definitely influenced from my online experiences.  The project returns to show a balance of good and evil. I lightly tread around the issue of the afterlife and a few poems are just meant to be all around fun. Especially, White Horse, which is just simple 80’s pop culture entertainment.




Let me know what you think

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