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Little White Angels


I stand at the pier’s edge.
Feet blistering.
Burning from saltwater spray.
They cramp after hours pass.
Too afraid to move.
Arms applying small relief adjustments.
Balance indispensable.
Eyes descend into trance
Watching bitter, gray waves roll.
The stare went beyond.
Looking backward
Searching for specifics
In murky uncertainty.
Each wave slightly different.
Changes uneasy to absorb.
They struck piles below.
A harmonic oscillator.

It is time.

The heart longing for maturity and growth
Perceived the pendulum.
Used its energy to amplify
And pound hard.
The plank splintered.
Knees buckled.
One split-second turn
To grasp the edge.
The eyes catch a glimpse
of the passage back.
The way down.
Though it would resolve.

Falling through the expanse.
Dawn advancing.
Ocean turquoise.
Waves on high
With little white angels
Bubbling champagne.
Now washed ashore.
Each stride forward
Carries vivid yellow-orange sun.
Footprints firmer
As I watch myself rise.


C. Gandy 5-19-16

Photo from nicknoblephotography.com