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Soaked with sorrow
Descended in serenity
Leaves above
Whispered a somber chorus
As my gaze went upward
Direction was lost
Balance of time in vain
The walkway tarnished
A murky shine
While footsteps
Wavered puddles beneath
Forward to the light
Aback and away
I let the weeping gloom pass


C. Gandy 09-22-16

photo taken from the internet.



Stepped on but not broken.
Your beauty turns to melancholy
as the pure, brilliant white
begins to fade.
You look up at me
never asking to be picked up.
I stare down at you.

This moment becomes ours.

Someone had been so cruel.
Now, bruised in your puddle of tears.
Damaged but still capable.
I release you from circumstance.
Holding you up, briefly.
I glance over and see your origination.
You hitchhiked on the winds
of fantasy.

The trip was exhilarating.
You traveled so far
and viewed so much.
I cannot save you through selfish passion.
You will just burn more quickly
than basking in the sun.
You made your peace
so I drop you.

For a moment
we lament.





This is what happens when you don’t have writer’s block but can’t get an idea out of your head. You just keep going round and round with little thoughts but nothing causes you to blast off with with the pencil going non-stop. It also touches on the subject of “Sometimes” that I have seen so many of us blog about.



There Will Be Stars

I feel a little crazy
I’ve lost my focus
I’m insecure
Appear obsessive
And undefended
The mood unfolds.

I’m on a mission
There will be stars
It will be daring
Alive with stars
But in the end
There will be love
And for our love
To no end of.

You feel as if you’re smothered
And about to faint
In an instant
You share the rhythm
The gate is open
For only one.

Now that you have me and I hold you
There’s no reversal
Among the stars.


Inspired by the melodic voice of Cristina Soto in Twisted Love by ATB