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Happy Devil’s Night!


The Dark Flow

We’ll walk together
On the dry, gray leaves
Where only the dead take rest
To not disturb the air
That smells of a barren quiet.
We’ll hold hands together
And keep our thoughts in restraint
Because the reaper won’t notice
If he can’t sense our souls.
It’s all so strange
In a land littered
With marble and granite
Where the crows have no eyes.
Their songs bring witches to dance
Around a cauldron of coriander and verveine.
We’ll move together
Slowly, like ghosts with no thermals to glide
Sinking our teeth
Into the wanting void.
Echoes of children
Carry across by the polish of headstones
Like a church organ
That lost its embrace.
The sky is turning black today.
We’ll go together
To be restored by the dark flow.


C. Gandy 10-30-16

Photo taken from the internet.