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You had a thought

you’d never die.

You really felt

so ever young.

That’s when you knew

to be the most powerful.

Be the most powerful!

Wear the emblem

of a hero.

Stop at nothing

until the world knows who you are.

Show them peace.

Lift their spirit.

Awake the wisdom.

Be the most powerful!

It’s complicated to live this dual life.

A triumph over evil

is just half of the day.

When you deliver

the blows impact.

The lines are brief

and quickly crossed.

Villains seek

out to wreck and terminate.

But you’re the most powerful!

Left to wander

yet not alone.

A heavyweight

best when the hands are fast to draw.

There’s a distance

everyone accepts.

Not for profit

makes you the most powerful!

Failure changes the focus of the code.

Persistence is a curse

spun against the face of fear.

Without a purpose

things are heavy.

Find the why

then you’ll endure

to push through

the wicked pain of distress.

Remain the most powerful!

(Hook it)

Breathe for me

when you wanna live.

Hands to me

when you wanna give.

Will you look to me

when you wanna live.

Do you get all there is to know?

Written to the song Powerful by Absurd Minds. Made it my own. Such an obscure band but they had a great concept. So, I changed the downtrodden lyrics into something positive. Artwork taken from the internet.