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Set in Stone

I write
to escape from the heartless world around me
I write
to step out of the indefinite shadow
I write
to show you how the world could be so different
I write
while I dream about bringing you home

I write
to elevate you out of your isolation
I write
so you notice I am more than words
I write
to reveal the truth and circumvention
I write
in the hope I’ll have you alone

I write
about all your pleasant features
I write
to let you know apprehension is just human
I write
so you feel all the sentiment I am releasing
I write
because there is nothing set in stone.

C. Gandy 04-23-17

Inspired by the melodic chorus to a song called Drive by Assemblage 23. Look it up and sing it. You’ll find it infectious. Try changing “I write” to “I sing” and sing the tune!

Why do you write?






High School Reunion

This was not an official high school reunion. Rather, this was born out of the fact that we are all turning 50 this year! It was overwhelming to see all these guys show up. I can look back over the years and actually recall the interactions we had together. They were not just bodies in a school I never bothered to know. For some, this was the first time I had seen them in 31 years. The consensus was I am the next to turn the big five-o which is startling since that does not happen until May. I am the third one in on the left in the featured image. I’d say that’s a pretty camera friendly shot!

008     006  005     004  003     001





A Poet’s Love

the breath
of poet’s love
whispers magical fate.
blossoms come forth with emotion.
in suspense of a pure caress.
inhaling adventure.
hush. dry with truth.
on fire.

This poem is dedicated to my #musingbeauty, Diana.

When Diana and I first met, I wrote her a poem to soothe her soul. We lost contact for some time. We recently reconnected so I was instantly inspired to write another poem for her. After all, she is my muse.  She was asleep for awhile and now she has awakened. Hence #musingbeauty.

Diana’s website recently turned four years old.  I wish her success with all her journeys.

This post can also be found on my Instagram account.

Do you have a muse? If so, write something for him/her and please share on Instagram under the above mentioned hashtag.





Pepsi-Cola Chops

I recently came back from a business trip to Atlanta.  One of the meals was a cola marinated beef.  So, I searched for some recipes and settled for one using pork chops. Since the chops were thin, I expected them to be on the dry side but they still had a delicious taste.  I would recommend using thicker chops or beef.  The marinade is simply cola, ketchup, and JD Master Blend in a 2:1:1 ratio. Bake covered. Add your favorite macaroni and cheese and serve it up!



Now I’ve earned my chance to say
All is quiet on New Year’s Day
To the depths of the ocean
There’s joy in shadowplay
These are the eyes of disarray
So plush and led astray
When the rain set in
The rocket man began to play

Gibsons held under lock and key
Looking back at the heyday
Couldn’t there be
A better way
If I could go back to the future
I don’t know what I’d change
Now music is timeless
For a better way

I’d like to go back the outway
And ask, “Annie are you ok?”
Time grabs me by the wrist
Still holding me at green day
Rock ‘n’ roll is on layaway
Artists made of papier-mache
Can labels ever get the gist
That talent isn’t throwaway

C. Gandy 1-3-17 

Last year, I started the year off with a fun poem so I wanted to repeat that performance.

This is not meant to be over-analyzed.  Of course, there is some good music out there. This points to the idea that music is not the same as it was because it is just not our heyday. So, what was your heyday?  Holly-Elvis?, Beatles-Stones? Perhaps, Mac-Zepplin?  I’d like to know.  If fact, this light mockery actually was written to a chip music band, Code 64, to a melody from their song, Every Moment, written in 2006! 🙂


Credits:  U2-New Year’s Day.  Joy Division-Shadowplay.  Stone Temple Pilots-Plush.  Elton John-Candle In The Wind.  Michael Jackson-Smooth Criminal.  Green Day-Good Riddance.

Sweet Potato Tacos

I am closing out 2016 with a food post. I found this great recipe on simplyrecipes.com.

This was originally a meatless dinner but I added a little chicken. What a lively meal!  If you make this dish, you will certainly have friends talking.  This is a very healthy dinner open for your own enhancements.

The sweet potatoes really make this meal so take the time to season and cook them properly. I made a few changes. I did not add cumin. Instead, I added a pinch of cayenne pepper for some extra kick!

Next time, I will convert that slice of avocado into guacamole. I think that will hold everything in that taco better. Besides, is it not hard to get a ripe avocado right from the grocery?  I will experiment with swapping the cilantro since it is a little strong for my tastes.  Add a side of beans and rice and you have a beneficial meal.




Little rebels
Like war drums drubbing harsh
The feeling is gone only you
Soaked pale
Conflicting to walk or hold on
Shaking off the shiver
Briefly blurry

C. Gandy 12-01-16

Inspired by that haunting song Vienna by Ultravox.
Photo by Maximillian Richter on flickr.

Happy Devil’s Night!


The Dark Flow

We’ll walk together
On the dry, gray leaves
Where only the dead take rest
To not disturb the air
That smells of a barren quiet.
We’ll hold hands together
And keep our thoughts in restraint
Because the reaper won’t notice
If he can’t sense our souls.
It’s all so strange
In a land littered
With marble and granite
Where the crows have no eyes.
Their songs bring witches to dance
Around a cauldron of coriander and verveine.
We’ll move together
Slowly, like ghosts with no thermals to glide
Sinking our teeth
Into the wanting void.
Echoes of children
Carry across by the polish of headstones
Like a church organ
That lost its embrace.
The sky is turning black today.
We’ll go together
To be restored by the dark flow.


C. Gandy 10-30-16

Photo taken from the internet.


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