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Set in Stone

I write
to escape from the heartless world around me
I write
to step out of the indefinite shadow
I write
to show you how the world could be so different
I write
while I dream about bringing you home

I write
to elevate you out of your isolation
I write
so you notice I am more than words
I write
to reveal the truth and circumvention
I write
in the hope I’ll have you alone

I write
about all your pleasant features
I write
to let you know apprehension is just human
I write
so you feel all the sentiment I am releasing
I write
because there is nothing set in stone.

C. Gandy 04-23-17

Inspired by the melodic chorus to a song called Drive by Assemblage 23. Look it up and sing it. You’ll find it infectious. Try changing “I write” to “I sing” and sing the tune!

Why do you write?







tell me what you get high on
what you love about the afterglow
how it thrills
what makes you shiver
tell it to me again, again, and again

show me how you smile
whisper some hopeful treasure
how it allures
sing your personality
tell it to me again, again, and again

tell me what you get high on
how you season the days
what you imagine romance is made of
tell it to me again, again, and again

show me how you smile
be it undressed or beautiful
dream us breathless and inescapable
tell it to me again, again, and again

c. gandy – the long blue sky version

This was born out of a short poem I wrote as seen below. Then, I decided to transform it into a song poem with reinforcement.


Le Chevalier

she was lost inside a castle.
her hopes bound to the stone.
love was ghosting in her heart.
teardrops collect on the floor
holding onto her visions.
long yellows shimmer a cold dim
before the air turned to gray.
breaks were forming in the sour kingdom.

she believed in heroes.
she believed in heroes.

daylight arrived with a rush of fury.
the sky defiant in crimson.
sentries launch blue arrows
that fall in silence.
they met in the courtyard
all her stories washed like waves
never to look backward.
the intertwine of fingers
takes away all the pain.
trust in the adventure
as they cling to alchemy.

she believed in heroes.
she believed in heroes.

C. Gandy 02-25-17



Now I’ve earned my chance to say
All is quiet on New Year’s Day
To the depths of the ocean
There’s joy in shadowplay
These are the eyes of disarray
So plush and led astray
When the rain set in
The rocket man began to play

Gibsons held under lock and key
Looking back at the heyday
Couldn’t there be
A better way
If I could go back to the future
I don’t know what I’d change
Now music is timeless
For a better way

I’d like to go back the outway
And ask, “Annie are you ok?”
Time grabs me by the wrist
Still holding me at green day
Rock ‘n’ roll is on layaway
Artists made of papier-mache
Can labels ever get the gist
That talent isn’t throwaway

C. Gandy 1-3-17 

Last year, I started the year off with a fun poem so I wanted to repeat that performance.

This is not meant to be over-analyzed.  Of course, there is some good music out there. This points to the idea that music is not the same as it was because it is just not our heyday. So, what was your heyday?  Holly-Elvis?, Beatles-Stones? Perhaps, Mac-Zepplin?  I’d like to know.  If fact, this light mockery actually was written to a chip music band, Code 64, to a melody from their song, Every Moment, written in 2006! 🙂


Credits:  U2-New Year’s Day.  Joy Division-Shadowplay.  Stone Temple Pilots-Plush.  Elton John-Candle In The Wind.  Michael Jackson-Smooth Criminal.  Green Day-Good Riddance.

The Pardon


Some say
I am more rain than right.
Some day
There will be no more of this disguise.
It was not a vision.
I came down the mountain.
Simple, clean, and knowing no one at my side.
This is my condition.
With a primal heart in thumping
Houses of the holy handing out reward.

He saved my life.
Granted me a stay.
Though I know
I am more battered
Than one dare mention.

Some say
I have gone adrift without a fight.
One day
I will teach them the skill of compromise.
This is my decision.
No angel on my shoulder.
Standing for the right to choose this life.
Alive with the conviction.
Certain, firm, and steady.
I am of the mountain. I can help to build.

Saved my life.
I shine along
For a small moment.
Though I know
I am more damaged
At the hand of mercy.


C. Gandy 10-23-16

Image is a David Roberts lithograph.

Read this once. Then, go back and read it with passion. And so on…