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Singing Sad Songs

I was standing by the ocean
looking down at the sand.
I didn’t see you come.
I didn’t see you go.
The waves were crashing hard
as my lungs roared with strife.
Backwash swept away your prints.
My impression gone to waste.

There would be no more encounters.
Destiny had lost her hand.
Even if I begged the gods
and gave up all I know.
The torment was eternal
as I tried to give you life.
The path was just way too long.
I lost you to my haste.


C. Gandy 2-21-17

A little inspiration from the tragedy of Orpheus and Eurydice.



Soaked with sorrow
Descended in serenity
Leaves above
Whispered a somber chorus
As my gaze went upward
Direction was lost
Balance of time in vain
The walkway tarnished
A murky shine
While footsteps
Wavered puddles beneath
Forward to the light
Aback and away
I let the weeping gloom pass


C. Gandy 09-22-16

photo taken from the internet.