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Singing Sad Songs

I was standing by the ocean
looking down at the sand.
I didn’t see you come.
I didn’t see you go.
The waves were crashing hard
as my lungs roared with strife.
Backwash swept away your prints.
My impression gone to waste.

There would be no more encounters.
Destiny had lost her hand.
Even if I begged the gods
and gave up all I know.
The torment was eternal
as I tried to give you life.
The path was just way too long.
I lost you to my haste.


C. Gandy 2-21-17

A little inspiration from the tragedy of Orpheus and Eurydice.



Now I’ve earned my chance to say
All is quiet on New Year’s Day
To the depths of the ocean
There’s joy in shadowplay
These are the eyes of disarray
So plush and led astray
When the rain set in
The rocket man began to play

Gibsons held under lock and key
Looking back at the heyday
Couldn’t there be
A better way
If I could go back to the future
I don’t know what I’d change
Now music is timeless
For a better way

I’d like to go back the outway
And ask, “Annie are you ok?”
Time grabs me by the wrist
Still holding me at green day
Rock ‘n’ roll is on layaway
Artists made of papier-mache
Can labels ever get the gist
That talent isn’t throwaway

C. Gandy 1-3-17 

Last year, I started the year off with a fun poem so I wanted to repeat that performance.

This is not meant to be over-analyzed.  Of course, there is some good music out there. This points to the idea that music is not the same as it was because it is just not our heyday. So, what was your heyday?  Holly-Elvis?, Beatles-Stones? Perhaps, Mac-Zepplin?  I’d like to know.  If fact, this light mockery actually was written to a chip music band, Code 64, to a melody from their song, Every Moment, written in 2006! 🙂


Credits:  U2-New Year’s Day.  Joy Division-Shadowplay.  Stone Temple Pilots-Plush.  Elton John-Candle In The Wind.  Michael Jackson-Smooth Criminal.  Green Day-Good Riddance.

No End In Sight


Chibi STwain



Ok, I clearly have a thing for Canadian female artists. I am not just talking about their looks. I actually appreciate all their forms of music.

It is that time of year again when I start cranking out the lyrics. I realized I had not done anything inspirational from the band The Birthday Massacre.

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