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Night Walker

nighttimeThe fire popped and crackled. My mind wandered into nothing. Thinking everything. The fire kept persisting. Insisting. My eyes not resisting. I drifted into dream as the fire dwindled down faster than a September Song. Too late I did awake. I emerged from the hideout door met by unsearchable dark. My eyes would certainly adjust. No moon or stars and hours past dusk. I stepped into the woods with one less sense to trust. There was nothing in sight. For each branch I moved, another struck my face. I walked slowly inhaling fright. Knowing pitch black had taken over this place. I reached the meadow that I knew would be. I thought this meadow would make it easy on me. Now there was not a branch to snap or a stone to feel beneath. The emptiness was formidable and left me defenseless. Now my senses, down to three. I lurched forward with my arms hesitantly outward. A large figure with its scythe in the air catches the light. The wind kicks up and it lets out a snort. An eight point buck with its antlers in height. The creature dashes left and I sprint straight for home. I reach the backyard, humming Tom Jones.


C.Gandy 05-23-16

Yeah, its good to touch the green, green grass of home!
Based on a true experience. Have you ever been caught in pitch black?

Photo from flickr user kirsuittaessant.



Ghost Town


Inside the stagnant treasury
of a crumbling, bygone town
clapboards split daylight.
A static laser show.
Fingers run through the dust
of lives traded for fortunes.
Particles glittering
in fragmented sunbeams
like flecks of ghostly cash.
Holes in the wall
mumbled greed.
The vault door wide open.
Too long in years to be replenished.
Scent of money
faintly lining safe deposit boxes.

Outside the chalky, split pane window
dust devils spin along
the hardened earth.
Stirred up with each gust of wind.
of stray bullets.
The wooden structure groaned
names of the deceased.

Only one more standoff.

was callous
toward the old town.
Withering it ever so slowly
Drying out its frame
until it was desiccate and wrinkled.
Without dignity.

The town
wanted to dissolve
quickly and end its distress.

Nature insisted
the ghost town to beckon.
for treasure taken.
Most importantly
the debt still unpaid.


C.Gandy 5-12-16

Photo of Bodie, CA, from the internet:  Picture Spool

An abstract post for my birthday reminding me nature ages everything
and the search for wealth often ends badly!




The wind so fierce
Each limb was thrust
It stole my day
And left me dust
Across the roof
Squirrels did hustle
For acorns that dropped
They squawked and tussled
Winter lasted as long as it should
One oak tree emerged
There I left it for good

My Witty Epigram